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Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder

The Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder shoots SD and HD video that is compatible with PAL standards. It supports Full HD 1080p 50, using AVCHD version 2 compression at 28 Mb/s. It also shoots 1080i 50 recording at 24 Mb/s, as well as higher compression rates enabling longer recording times. The camera can also record SD footage, so it integrates into an SD or HD workflow. This makes it an option for those who are not yet ready to transition to HD but want to be able to use the same camera once they do.
This Panasonic Video Camera Accessory Package Includes:
1- Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder (PAL)
2- Extended Long Life Batteries
2- 32GB High Speed Error Free SDHC Memory Card
1- AC/DC Rapid Home/Car Charger
1- 0.43x Wide Angle Lens
1- 2.2X Telephoto Lens
1- 3 Piece Filter Kit Includes: UV, Circular Polarizer and Fluorescent Filter
1- Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System – This multi-purpose wireless system provides versatile performance for camcorders, karaoke, DJs, houses of worship, schools, meetings and presentations. The ATR288W TwinMic™ VHF wireless system is supplied with two microphones, an omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone and the ATR1200 unidirectional dynamic vocal/instrument microphone.
1- USB SDHC Memory Card Reader

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