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Computer Server Systems | Computer Accessories at Lowest Price, Perfonec

We at Perfonec Computers, provides Stand Alone Servers and Rack Servers with all support and at Reasonable price.
1. A standalone server is a server that runs alone and is not a part of a group. This kind of server is not a domain member and functions more as a workgroup server, so its use makes more sense in local settings where complex security and authentication may not be required. For example, an office wants to store design standards and reference documents that must not be altered but must be distributed, so a standalone server set to share mode and read-only mode is the best solution.

2. A rack server, or rack-mounted server, is any server that is built particularly to be mounted within a server rack. They are most commonly found in data centre environments but can also be used in smaller computer closets. Unlike traditional servers that look much like a PC, a rack server is wider. So it can be secured into the rack using mounting screws or rails, depending on the design. If you only require a small number of servers, they are the best choice economically due to the lower upfront costs.
The height, or the amount of rack units the system might take up, can vary quite a bit. The servers themselves are mounted one on top of the other within a rack. To help minimize the amount of space used. Rack servers are best suitable when you need more than one server but less than about 10.
Perfonec Computers LLC, provides you VAT Software and Complete Solution for all your IT and Computer Requirements and All Types of Servers. We deal in different software and hardware with ‘Budget Friendly Prices’ and ‘Huge Discount Offer’.
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