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Compare various Versions of Laptop, Desktops and Windows, IT Services and Server AMC, Perfonec

IT Services, Servers and AMC Services
Servers and Accessories:- A server is a dedicated computer program that provides functionality for other computer programs. Servers can provide multiple functionalities- networking, application host, communication environment, computing resources to name a few.
Here are some reasons why to maintain your server-
1) Good server maintenance will increase the lifetime of your server
2) Server AMC is cost effective since you reduce your IT overhead
3) Service contract prevents major server failures with schedule checkups
4) Server maintenance maintenance includes diagnostics that can provide an insight of any abnormal issue
5) Server AMC includes regular data backups to prevent data loss
6) Server maintenance includes software updates and patches to prevent network breach
7) Server AMC plan includes temperature checks to maintain optimal temperature and avoid excessive heating of critical components and hence prevents a possible fire
8) IT AMC for server includes Security checks to prevent cyber security threats
9) Service contract for Server includes cleaning to prevent contamination
10) IT AMC for server includes Antivirus updates to maintain robust networking environment
11) IT AMC for server includes On-site security checkups to maintain secure operation
Server Support we Provide
1. Tower Servers
2. Rack Mounted Server
3. Cloud Server and Hosting with Local & Azure
4. Backups and External Drives secured from Ransom virus
5. Annual Maintenance Services by dedicated Professionals
6. Windows and Antivirus
Microsoft original Windows 2016/ 2012 for Servers and Laptops- We deal in Best, Original Windows in Lowest Cost.
1. Complete Security Antivirus of Sophos
2. Sophos Central Server Protection
3. Kaspersky for Small Business
4. ESET File Security for server Protection
5. Data security and recovery options
Laptop/Desktop PC’s:- Latest Versions of Laptops and Desktops with all type of Support
1. HP, Dell, Lenovo are our all-time reliable Brands when it comes to Desktop and Laptop PC’s
2. All Hardware and peripherals with installation like Printers etc.
3. Always updated with top models and competitive prices with
4. Tech support
We provide timely support for IT infrastructure:
• Back up planning
• Antivirus and Spyware cleaning
• Windows Updates
• Firmware Updates on Servers, PC
• Smart Start Updated of Serve
• Hardware Upgrade on Servers, PCs
• Performance optimization
• New Computer/Laptop Setup
• Internet / Wi-Fi configuration
• CCTV Installation and Maintenance
• Telephone and PABX system installation and configuration
To get More Information and Pricing:
Perfonec Computer LLC
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